Devil’s Dust Cheesy Corn Bake

Customer submitted recipe: Trey Miller from Morris Insurance Agency, Morris, NY

*This is a make ahead recipe, so be sure to leave an hour or more before serving! Also ideal for large gatherings*

1 – 8 oz. brick of cream cheese

2 T. Devil’s Dust

1 c. half and Half

4 c. sharp cheddar cheese (not the store bought shredded cheese, it is coated and that will affect the taste)

1 c. crispy bacon, crumbled

3 cans sweet corn (I use FRESH!)

Melt the cheeses, half and half, and Devil’s Dust in a large Crock Pot on HIGH until melted. Add corn and reduce temperature to LOW for one hour. Leave on low until ready to serve (max 4 hours).

Serve as a dip with tortilla chips, or as a side dish to any group meal! Also feel free to personalize with roasted veggies, peppers or canned green peppers. Make it your own and let us know!