Devil’s Dust Honey Glazed Grilled BBQ Chicken

2 breasts of Chicken, sliced lengthwise to make flatter pieces that are easier to grill

½ c. Honey

1T. Devil’s Dust

Heat grill to 400 degrees.  Brush with oil to prevent sticking.

Take 4, sliced thin chicken breasts and lay out.  Pat dry so honey will stick better.

Mix Devil’s Dust into honey.

Spread generously over chicken breasts.  Rub onto chicken and add more if necessary.

Flip breasts over.  Rub the remaining honey mixture on the other side.  Plate and take to grill.

Reserve any extra honey for brushing.

Place glazed breasts on grill for 5 minutes or until grill lines start to appear dark.  Turn breasts over and glaze charred side with left over honey mixture.

Cook another 5 minutes, or until 145 degrees internal temperature, and char lines appear on back side.

Remove to platter and glaze with additional excess honey.

Rest for a few minutes until cool enough to eat.