“Just a dust’ll do ya!” Devil’s Dust Recipe Ideas

Go easy at first until you determine your tolerance level for the heat.

Goes with everything!

I have used in crappy gas station coffee with cream, a great addition for graveyard workers who need to stay awake! I finished a whole cup!  I never finish a cup!

I have melted both white and milk chocolate, sprinkled some in (again, to your taste tolerance) and dipped pretzels and pecans in it.

I sprinkled it on boring potato salad and it flavored it nicely.

It’s original use was for a crawfish boil, so any boil, or on seafood of any kind will work. 

My favorite so far is mixing a bit with honey and slathering it on a piece of chicken OR on skewers of Red Argentine shrimp and then grilling.  The honey chars nicely and you can still taste the Cajun! Gotta have those char marks for extra yum!

Try sprinkling on buttered popcorn! (Don’t use in the oil you pop the corn in, it ends up burnt tasting.)

Mix it in a soft butter and slather on bread, toast lightly under the broiler and brown to crispy.  Add a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and toast, that’s great too!

Rim a shot glass of Patron if you like the burn!  Mix in a bloody Mary for extra kick!

Use mixed in to homemade lobster mac-n-cheese.  I turned a mac-hater into a 3 plater with the addition of the Devil’s Dust for flavor.

A great mix is as a veggie dip in a batch of Ranch dressing, mixed with a smushed Avocado (kind of a Green Goddess dressing) and the spice added to your tolerance.  The red bell peppers pair exceptionally well!  Serve all cold.  Works just as well mixed in with sour cream, mayo and a splash of lemon. Serve with Red Hot Blues!

Mix in some sugar for sweet and spicy!

Use on steak, in hamburger, or mixed in to the flour when breading any kind of cutlet.  The fat from the steaks, and the grease you cook the breaded items in, seem to negate the heat, so use more!!

Mix in to pico, salsa or guac for added bang!  Sprinkle on scrambled eggs or your morning egg sandwich!

The possibilities are endless!!  Use the hashtag: #devilsdust and post your favorite uses & send us your recipes!